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SUBJECT LINE: Please Support the Adoptee Citizenship Act

My name is [FIRST, LAST NAME] and I am a constituent who resides in [CITY, STATE]. Currently, the law governing international adoption places thousands of adopted individuals in the U.S. at risk. Through no fault of their own, these adopted individuals still lack citizenship today, years after their adoption was completed. By closing a dangerous loophole left by the Child Citizenship Act of 2000, the Adoptee Citizenship Act (S.1554 & H.R. 2731) provides equity to adoptees who should have every legal right of any other child of a U.S. citizen. It amends the CCA in order to give immediate citizenship to individuals brought to live in the U.S. through intercountry adoption who were excluded under the current law, and ensures automatic citizenship for every full and final adoption by a U.S. citizen.

I believe, as I know you do, that every adopted person is entitled to a safe, secure, permanent placement; citizenship is an essential component of that. As someone who is deeply concerned about this issue, I urge you to support and co-sponsor the Adoptee Citizenship Act now.

To co-sponsor in the House, please contact the office of Representatives Chris Smith, Adam Smith, or Lofgren. To co-sponsor in the Senate, please contact the office of Senators Blunt, Klobuchar, or Hirono. Thank you for your consideration.

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